Treatment for Epilepsy and Seizures: Natural Treatment with Home Remedies

Epidemiological studies have shown that about three to five percent of the population suffers from seizures some time in their life, while about 0.5 to one percent of the population suffers from ‘active epilepsy’. There are about two million people in the United States, that suffer from this condition, while approximately 0.3 million individuals in the United Kingdom suffer from this neurological disorder. Epilepsy and seizures refer to neurological disorders which may or may not be associated with each other. This article suggests natural treatment and home remedies for the management of epileptic attacks and seizures.

Brain Scan showing
abnromal electrical activity
causing a seizure
What is a Seizure? Epilepsy and Seizures

A seizure is a condition which is associated with a sudden gush of electrical impulses in the brain, which often last for a limited period of time and resolve spontaneously. Seizure is not considered to be a disease condition; however it may be associated with manifestation of certain symptoms which including twitching and trembling of different parts of the body (depending upon the location of the gush of electrical impulse in the brain). A seizure may be a onetime episode in an individual’s life.

On the other hand, recurrent attacks of unprovoked seizures is referred to as “Epilepsy’, though not all individuals with seizures may develop epilepsy. Epilepsy is often linked to some form of metabolic or neurological disturbance in the brain tissue which may be attributed to a genetic predisposition, brain injury, drug withdrawal or a brain tumor.

Hence it should be remembered that not all seizures are associated with development of epilepsy, though it is indicative of a higher risk compared to general population.

 Home Remedies for Epilepsy: Treating Seizures Naturally

Clinical evidence has proven that a ketogenic diet (i.e. a diet high in fats and low in carbohydrates) is considered beneficial in the management of certain form of epilepsies in children. A ketogenic diet, forces the liver to breakdown of fats into fatty acids and ketones, to generate energy, due to lack of carbohydrates. Elevated levels of ketone bodies in the blood are considered to prevent abnormal electrical activities in the brain and hence beneficial in the management of seizures. Here are some foods and home remedies that are beneficial in the management of seizures naturally,
  • Ash gourd, a vegetable is considered to be loaded with nutrients and is very low in carbohydrates. Ash gourd thereby promotes the breakdown of fats in the liver and thereby elevates the level of ketone bodies in the blood. Juice of ash gourd is also considered beneficial. Low carbohydrate concentration makes it useful in the treatment for weight loss.
  • Brahmi leaves are beneficial
    in management of epilepsy and
  • Consuming Garlic cloves is also considered to be highly beneficial. Garlic helps in inhibiting the functions of the enzyme HMG- CoA reductase in the liver. HMG-CoA reductase converts fats into cholesterol. However, as the function of this enzyme is inhibited, fat cells are broken down which in turn helps increase level of ketone bodies in the blood. This action of garlic also makes it effective in the management of atherosclerosis and elevated cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Brahmi Leaves or Centella Asiatica is another home remedy which is beneficial in management of seizures. Brahmi acts as a cerebral tonic and also improves circulation of the blood to the brain.
Epilepsy Seizure Management: Natural Treatment and Diet
Maintaining a ketogenic diet is always very challenging. Studies have shown that only about 10% of individuals can continue with a ketogenic diet for over a year. Further, even small amount of carbohydrates can change ketone metabolism in the body, which in turn eliminates it anti seizure efficacy.
  • It is recommended that fruits like apples, grapes and figs should be included in the diet. Grape juice is considered beneficial to cure the disease. A all fruit diet is also considered effective in the management of a host of other health problems including obesity and cardiac disorders.
  • Vitamin B6 is also important in the management of epileptic seizures and it is recommended to include fresh vegetables like carrots, green vegetables, whole rice and cow’s milk in the diet.