Insomnia during early pregnancy

Unluckily for a lot of women, insomnia during early pregnancy is quite an common phenomenon. The truth by the matter is that most women who are pregnant will feel some amount of insomnia, whether it happens to them during early pregnancy, or whether it does not kick in until a later level of their pregnancy. Insomnia during early pregnancy can be caused by a variety of things. The basic cause of insomnia during early pregnancy is the changing levels of hormones that takes place during pregnancy.  In some cases, these hormonal changes will tend to make a woman feeling tired or fatigued.  The increase of progesterone in her system acts as a natural sedative.  This continued tiredness can sometimes lead to an overall change in the sleep patters of the woman during her first trimester of pregnancy.  It perhaps that she's insomnia during early pregnancy simply because she's resting more during the daytime.

Insomnia during early pregnancy can also be caused by the increased need to urinate.  While the baby isn't yet pushing on the adult female* internal organs as it will later on in pregnancy, the truth of the matter is that a great number of adult female* do experience the need to urinate more frequently during even early pregnancy of pregnancy.  If the need to urinate wakes you up in the middle of the night you may have a hard time falling asleep. In as is way, anxiety can cause insomnia during early pregnancy.  It perhaps that you're worried about your baby’s health, or about your parenting abilities, or about your future.  The good news here, too, is that the anxiety that you experience during early pregnancy will tend to subside, as your pregnancy continues and you become more and more comfortable with the fact that you are going to be a mother. If you find that you’re suffering from excessive insomnia during early pregnancy, talk with your doctor.  She may be able to help assess your situation, and help you develop a solution.

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