Red Christmas

With a new year in sight, it was time for a slight change.
My classes are done for this year and I pretend to have free time. So I decided to clean up my blog a bit.
To start with a fresh page in 2012. No major changes, as you can see, just a little fresh-up.
Hope you all like it or otherwise... I, for sure, have to adapt to it. Choosing a font must be the hardest thing, still not sure which one to keep. U're welcome to share your ideas on the lay out matter :)

As for the new year. I already know that it'll be a hard year. With graduation in sight, I must make an effort to finish my college year well. Many plans are on the 'to do' list. Exams, internship, thesis, driving license, hitting the job market, ... too much to name. Making time for my blog in the meantime... This year will sure be a challenge, but I don't say no to challenges. So wish me good luck. Off course there're also pleasant things to look forward to. The first one is celebrating the coming year with dear friends!
And the spring will bring a big change to my life, I can't wait to tell you more about it.

For now, as promised, pictures of my Christmas outfit. I wanted to wear color, and as we know, red is very Christmassy. It wouldn't be me, if I hadn't put a twist or a theme behind it. This time I went for a Chinese inspired look. The red dress with the flowers set the tone and my Asian heritage completed the look.

Wearing: 3Suisses dress, H&M shoes, vintage belt and DIY earrings