Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating: Get Rid of Body Odor and Perspiration Naturally

As per a report, the antiperspirant and deodorant market in the United States was valued at $1.9 billion in 2005. Latest estimates suggest that the demand for these beauty products is estimated to rise at the rate of 7% per annum globally due to increasing demand in Asia, African and South American countries. Though there are a host of products including antiperspirants, deodorants, etc to control body odor available in the market, it is always beneficial to use natural remedies and natural techniques to manage excessive sweating and body odor. This article is about treating excessive perspiration naturally.

How to Stop Sweating? Treating Excessive Perspiration Naturally

Excessive Perspiration can
be annoying
Sweating or perspiration is a natural phenomenon which is associated with the sebaceous glands releasing natural sweat to cool down the body. Perspiration or sweating is often in response to the environmental conditions like high temperature and humidity. However, there are a group of individuals who suffer from excessive perspiration or a condition known as ‘hyperhidrosis’.

There are several different home remedies and diet suggestions that can help control excessive sweating. Though the use of talc powder and antiperspirants is rampant, the use of these products is often associated with allergies which may result in redness and irritation of the skin under the armpits. Suppression of perspiration can result in dermatitis in the underarms and also have detrimental impact on the health of an individual.

Home Remedies to Prevent Sweating: Natural Treatment for Body Odor
Here are some simple natural home remedies that have been found to be effective in the management of body odor and excessive sweating,
    Tomato Juice helps
    manage excessive sweating
  • Tomatoes: Consuming a cup of tomato juice each day is considered to reduce excessive sweating and reduce body odor. Tomatoes are loaded with anti-oxidants which can help regulate the activity of the sweat glands and also help in keeping the body cool.
  • Grapes: Consuming about 10-15 grapes each day is also recommended. Grapes help to cool the body and also loaded with anti-oxidants that can help regulate the internal body temperature and prevent excessive sweating
  • Eliminate foods like onions and garlic from your diet. These foods are highly pungent and are responsible for the offensive odor of the sweat. Also limit the intake of animal foods include chicken, lean meat and red meat.
  • Zinc: Zinc is considered to reduce sweating naturally. Increase the intake of foods that are loaded with zinc which include turkey, spinach, nuts and sea foods. Zinc also helps control of offensive odor of the sweat.
  • Consumption of herbal tea or green tea has also been claimed to be beneficial in prevent excessive perspiration. Herbal tea is also loaded with anti-oxidants; however its role in limiting sweating and body odor is not clear.
Excessive Sweating Natural Remedies: Get Rid of Body Odor
Here are some simple natural home based remedies that can help in the management of body odor and treat excessive sweating,
  • Local application of freshly sliced lime or lemon around the armpits is considered to be the most effective natural measure to prevent excessive sweating and treat body odor. However application of lime can result in burning and should be avoided if there are cuts or bruises on the skin.
  • Sage Leaves for reducing
    excessive sweating
  • Another method of cooling the body includes boiling tea leaves in a large vessel. Allow the water to cool and soak your body including hands and feet in the tea water. Tannic acid in tea is considered to be beneficial in controlling perspiration and fight body odor
  • Boil sage leaves in a large container and soak your body with the water once the water cools down. Sage is considered to be the best natural treatment for excessive sweating.
Always Remember while Treating Excessive Sweating
Don’t reduce the intake of water. Water is essential to keep the body hydrated, though excessive consumption of water can result in excessive sweating. Ensure that you consume a minimum of 2.5 liters of water if you live in a relatively pleasant environment and about 3.5 liters if you live in a hot and humid climate.

Avoid the consumption of spicy and hot foods which are known to raise the body temperate by boosting metabolism. Limit alcohol and caffeine intake. Ensure that you have an adequate intake of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet at all times.