So, here it is, the new year!!
We celebrated it with a bang and in style, the night was roaring!
The twenties is one of my favorite era's, so the dress code couldn't have been more appropriate. 
The merry Nathalie from The Merrymakers was the hostess of the night and oh, what a great night it was.
Surely one to remember. We had major fun, ate a lot and danced like the world was going to end.
That's how a party must be! 
By now I can hardly fit into my jeans, from all that eating. It never ends. And the orthodox Christmas is coming up this weekend. This means even more food. Oh, God...

These are just the pictures I snapped that night. More to come...
Hope you had a great night too!


The most popular fella of the night

The merry Merry

Boyfriend showing off his NY present

And this is how the best dessert on earth looks like!

We couldn't have started the year better and I'm already looking forward to what 2012 will bring.
Keeping my hopes up, the year must be promising!

Have a happy 2012!