So my exams result in some irregular posting. I'm glad to be distracted by the internet, but two last weeks I've been pretty exhausted and a little sick, again. So I needed to focus on studying and this was already hard enough. All of the people who have exams now, I feel you! I already did 4 out of 7 and they all went well. Let's hope the last ones will too!

But still, a girl needs to have some fun. So me and my best friend met up in Antwerp last week. We visited an exhibition of a famous Belgian photographer Marc Lagrange, ate some sushi and shopped a little. And boy, did we have fun. We usually do when we're together, but still, extra fun this time. We both really needed that, because it's not always all bright and shiny over here... But we always try to stay positive, don't we?!
On the shopping part... I'll show you my sale purchases at the end of the month. I'm not planning to buy anything, but I know myself...

Getting to the point here, at last :) 
I wanted to show you the pictures I snapped at Marc Lagrange's exhibition. 
If you're not familiar with his work, make sure to check it out. I'm a big fan!
The exhibition was held in a beautiful mansion in Antwerp and celebrated the 20 years of his work.
The exhibition got me dreaming of living in that house and being his model. Well, what can I say, a girl can dream! Marc Lagrange can always call me to pose for him. That'd be a dream come true for sure.

Time to snap out of it, back to reality zone. I'll just let the pictures talk for themselves. My snaps don't do the whole exhibition justice. I just wanted to channel the general mood.

The beautiful mosaic floor

'Owning' the place

I'm a true chandelier maniac, can't resist of snapping one when I see it.

Not sure if it was on purpose or by accident, but this smashed chandelier looked like a piece of art.

The Betty Page series!!!!!

My best friend, Irina, showing off :) I'm in love with her faux fur coat, it's vintage.

I wore a Zara sweater, H&M blouse, Vintage skirt and belt and Sascha boots.

As I told you, we went for sushi afterwards. I managed to snap just one picture, because I was as hungry as a horse. This is heaven in boat!!!!