This is it, the first outfit of the new year.
Nothing major here, 'cause most of the time I'm just stuck at home, studying.
Though I still managed to escape to shop some sales last week. Being an impatient girl that I am, I couldn't wait to wear my new finds. Among them this black dress with a white collar. I dreamed of it for a long time.
Such dress is perfect for dress ups and the days when you feel extra girly. I found this one at an incredible price, the last one in my size. I tell you, it was fate!

Seeing this dress two themes immediately pop up in my head. The first one is Wednesday Adams and the second one is just a proper girl from an English boarding school. In this outfit I went for the second one.
As we all know, life isn't just black and white and there's no such thing as good or bad (at least in most cases).
As for me I don't consider myself an angel, nor am I the devil in the flesh. Being honest, I'm more of a good girl, but with a hell of character. Not being a goody two shoes I decided to mix up this outfit with some boots.
Not going to waste much words on them, that has been done enough. Just wanted them for a long time, due to lack of money only bought them before Christmas. Not the real ones, off course. They're just practical and go with almost anything. Good enough for me.

So as they say, good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere. I believe you just have to have some courage and be daring enough in life. 
If this outfit may be considered 'virtue' I'm planning on showing the other side of the medal soon...

 Jesus cameo is love

Wearing: Naf Naf dress, Zara coat and cardigan, Sascha boots, Fred Perry bag, Fallen Saint cameo necklace

A good theme song for good girls