Real snow has finally hit us, not that I'm happy. It's all ok when you're warm at home and looking out of your window, but when you have to go outside it's something completely different. I just don't like it when my feet are freezing off, you know.

I didn't really feel like taking outfit pictures today, but I persuaded myself to take a quick snap.
So, this is basically how I look on daily basis during the winter. My outfits are all about functionality and keeping warm. I call it my grunge look and I like to think that I pay an infinite tribute to Kurt Cobain this way. He'll always be my hero! 98% of the time ,when I listen to my ipod on shuffle, a Nirvana song pops up. Let me add that I have over 20000 songs on it. It's kind of magical, don't you think?

Not much is happening here. I have a week off before I start my internship. Just spend a weekend gaming the bf. Just plan to enjoy my free time. There're two events lined up for next week and I'm already looking forward to see all my blogging buddies again!

I just leave you with my pictures now :)

This is my new fantastic parka I told you about in my previous post. It's so warm! It was cheap too. I waited till the end of the sales to buy it and it was only 25 euro's at the end. AMAZING!

Wearing: JBC parka and knit, thrifted shirt, H&M jeans and beanie, Sascha boots.