Hadsome devil

Since I saw these shoes on the Zara webshop, I've been kind of obsessing with them. Not only did I want shoes with a clear heel for like ever, but I was also on the lookout for them. They're not that easy to find. Off course you have many pairs of stripper shoes that you can find online, but they're not quite what I had in mind. A few years back, there were a perfect pair of Margiela boots with clear wedges, they were out of my size and budget. Somewhere last year there were wedge shoes with a clear sole from All Saints, they were out of my budget too. And now this pair.
I feel tortured and tormented. Not only am I still wanting to spend money, I do actually spend it and there's that trip to London next week... The shoes are still priced 'spicy', they're a 100 euro's. That's the price that already has got me thinking about whether or not buy them. There are just three scenario's possible here: 1) I don't buy them straight away, they sell out quickly and I end up regretting it for many years to come 2) They disappear from the store and pop-up at a better price at the sales in July (but July, really?! I can't wait that long) 3) I end up being weak and buying them after all. I'll be going to Zara tomorrow, so I hope to see them in real life and be disappointed!
What do you think about them, to buy or not to buy?

In the mean while I made this mood board to set the mood for the shoes. I can already see myself strolling around in them. 
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