Study: Sleep deprivation leads to weight gain


"When people were sleep deprived, they ate an extra 549 calories per day," says researcher Andrew Calvin, MD, MPH, a fellow in cardiovascular disease and assistant professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic, Rochester.

How true is that?

Calvin held a study on 17 men and women, ages 18 to 40, for a total of eight days at a sleep lab. They were each randomly assigned to sleep as much as they wanted or to sleep only two-thirds of their normal sleep time.

Everyone has access to as much food as they wanted. Food intake was logged.

While the sleep-deprived group ate the extra 549 calories daily, the comparison group actually ate about 143 fewer calories daily than usual.

The researchers tracked how active each group was. But they didn't find much difference in activity expenditure between both groups.

Sleep deprivation was linked with somewhat levels of leptin, the hormone that tells your brain you are full. 
It is linked to somewhat lower levels of ghrelin, the hormone that tells your brain you are hungry. The findings found the leptin levels went up and the ghrelin levels went down in the sleep-deprived group.

When this study was compared with previous findings, it was found to be consistently pointing that there are possible links of sleep deprivation to increase intake of calories.

This could be the contributing factor to the alarming rate of obesity rate increasing in the city as people continue to face stress and have poor lifestyle that leads to sleeplessness.

Have you noticed that your weight have been fluctuating for the past 3 months?

If yes, do seek help today. With proper monitoring of diet and lifestyle, there is a possibility of maintaining a good body shape and weight without having to lose weight artificially.

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