Types of Insomnia

The clock showed two o'clock in the evening, but the eyes still hard to sleep. My mind was thinking about my job and my life, it happens repeatedly. The result, less than satisfactory job tomorrow morning, quickly forget and difficult to concentrate during the day. Does this happen to you? This disorder is called insomnia. Many adults experience it, usually those who live in urban areas. Insomnia experienced by many of their productive age, regardless of gender.

Types of Insomnia
Humans should need to sleep at least 8 hours per day. You can imagine how messy the body's metabolism during sleep needs are not met. Basically, a biological clock sleep depends on age. For example in children usually begin to sleep at 20.00. Young adult age range between the hours of 01:00 until 02:00 o'clock in the morning. While the age of consent to parents started sleeping between the hours of 22:00 pm to 23:00 tonight.

Well, if you do not sleep in that hour, do not rush to conclusions that your insomnia. This assumption is wrong, because all that happened was a shift in sleep time or delayed sleep phase which has approximately the same complaints such as insomnia. It can still be resolved, namely the re-arranging hours of sleep slowly.

Errors of insomniacs, is forced to sleep, although it must take medicine. That only adds to the restless, anxious, grumpy until addiction that actually worsen the situation. Insomnia is an early symptom of many things. Just like a fever, the diagnosis may occur because of the flu, typhoid or dengue fever. There could be other problems behind it. However, when it comes to psychiatric problems, stress or depression would be referred to a psychiatrist. Worst impacts of prolonged insomnia is a cause of dementia and age could be short.

A person is considered insomnia if he had a sleep disorder such as difficulty sleeping, falling asleep, frequent waking at midnight. Sure, your sleep becomes not qualified, and you feel tired, lethargic and lackluster at bangunt sleep. Insomnia also affects the person's mental and physical health. However, insomnia is still able to be cured. Honestly, there are two types of insomnia, among other things: temporary insomnia and insomnia that are settled.

It's Called temporary insomnia because it can happen overnight to two weeks. Generally, due to the emotions, stress, sadness or joy is excessive, shift work, adaptation of work, time zone differences as well as in the new environment. Meanwhile, persistent nature of insomnia, are more chronic. Usually caused by stomach acid that rises disease, restless leg syndrome, and some sleep apnea patients.