My baby likes to play!

They say girl just wanna have fun and in my opinion we don't get enough time to play. I, for example, am stuck at home behind my laptop, typing all day long. Sore muscles and headache as a result, not much fun if you ask me. So when the weekend started, I decided to go full force on that outfit of mine. Every excuse to leave the house is reason enough to dress up these days. The weather was ok'ish, so pulled my new playsuit on. Don't you just love that word, PLAYSUIT?! The word alone makes me feel all giddy. I was on the lookout for a playsuit for years, but Belgium never got the trend, I'm not surprised. But just when I least expected it, I found one, in my home town at an outlet store. I felt in love immediately, not only is the model perfect, but it has an open back and a guitar print. This is probably the closest that I'll get to guitar playing, well that and my boyfriend the guitar player :) I'm really not gifted in that area, my double jointed fingers can't even form chords properly. Back to the point now, I was happy to score this Denny Rose playsuit for a sweet 'throw away' price. I also got a Moschino Cheap & Chic top.
People who read my blog probably figured out that I'm not afraid to show some leg. I like to enjoy my youth while I have it, you know! So I went all the way, the print, the bows, the hair, ... to create this retro look. I like how 60's it turned out to be! In my heart I'm a gogo girl all the way!

These beautiful mary jane shoes were waiting in my closet a few years to be worn. I'm glad I rediscovered them again!

Wearing: Denny Rose playsuit, Primark tights, Asos shoes, Swatch Lacquered Gent watch, H&M necklace, Martha Gent bow ring & earrings.