Somewhere in the suburbs

When you live between two cities, like I, you need to divide your wardrobe. The biggest part of it is still in one place, so I have to be creative during the weekends. In the next outfit you can see the bottom part from the outfit from a previous post combined with a different top and cardigan.
I bought this top and cardigan recently with a voucher I still had lying around, from River Island. 
I spent almost a whole hour, choosing and doubting between different items. To my surprise I didn't found a lot that I liked. Initially I wanted to buy a pair of shoes or a bag, but saw nothing that I liked.
So I started scanning through clothing racks. After an hour I ended up with this cardigan, which I love, love! And two tops, one bright pink, the other I'm wearing here, a white one with a panel of lace. Lace is one of my favorite materials, so lace clothing has a big attraction factor to me.
So, liked I said, this cardigan is pure love, it's so soft and has fringes! Everything with fringes gets extra points from me. Above all it's perfect for unpredictable Belgian weather. 
So this outfits gets extra points from me to myself, 'cause of the knit + fringes + lace = 3 favorite things!

Epic hair moment!

Two other favorite things: skulls and neon

Wearing: River Island cardigan & top, Silence + Noise jeans, H&M shoes, bra, bracelet, Swatch watch, Topshop necklace.