Strasbourg - Notre-Dame

The centre of Strasbourg is best known for it's Gothic cathedral Notre-Dame de Strasbourg. For those who don't speak or understand French it translates as Our Lady of Strasbourg. With it's 142 meters it's the 6th tallest church in the world. 
I never could wrap my head about how people used to build something so huge, but usually it took hundreds of years. This church was built through 1015 to 1439 and only completely finished in 1879. Gothic style in architecture has always been a favorite of mine. Gothic architecture can be best recognized by the thorough work and details, and it's sharp and vertical lines, which, due to the perspective, make the cathedrals look even larger from inside out.

Though the power of church has often been portrayed in negative light, the beauty of the architecture has never ceased to amaze me. An empty church can really be a point of rest in a busy modern city. Though Notre-Dame was far from abandoned. We were there at around 4pm, so there we quite a lot of people. I kind of dislike large groups of people, but sometimes you can't avoid them either. 

The day before our visit, we also took some outfit pictures. While my boyfriend was snapping pictures a large group of tourists couldn't stop staring. Kinda weird, Jeez, people can't just mind their own business!

Wearing: Zara dress & clutch, H&M sandals, Michael Kors watch, Ray-Ban Laramie sunglasses.

Oh, yeah, I'm a huuuuge leopard print lover, but only the 'beautiful' kind. You have a lot of ugly ones as well. I own numerous leopard pieces and every time I see a new one, I must restrain myself from buying it :)

And my ombre just blends in there!

Anyhow, this cathedral has left a huge impression on me which I like to share with you.

Inside you can find the extraordinary astronomical clock.

During summer nights the cathedral lights up during a spectacular light show.