Halloween party

Yesterday night I was invited to my first real Halloween party at Annebeth's house.
I couldn't have been more excited, because I adooore Halloween and all stuff related to it.
Unfortunately it's not that widely celebrated (read not at all) in Belgium. But all you need for an awesome party is just some great minds who think alike.
We carved our own pumpkins and afterwards ate delicious pumpkin soup made out of carving leftovers.
The evening was beyond awesome, we ate, drank and laughed. Halloween food is the best, btw!
The four brave ones, including me, made a walk through the cemetery, while dark. It was more funny than, scary somehow.
To end the night we decided to watch a scary movie. Though only me and Bels sisters really insisted on it.
The rest of the girls tried to convince us to watch a 'less scary' one. We ended up watching 'The Woman In Black' with Daniel Radcliffe. Which turned out to be more lame and badly written, than scary to me. I prefer a real frightening movie! I almost fell asleep during it. We did laugh a lot with it. Girls will be girls, huh?!

Anyhow, I had the best time! I wish Halloween was at least 10 times a year or so!
Here're the pictures from last night.

My first carving experiment

Mad Black Swan hostesse of the evening

Vamp sisters, Naomi and me

Part II with our cemetery walk and outfit pictures will be revealed at Halloween.
Have a creepy week, peoplez!