Black Lace

I don't want to start nagging about the weather again, as most of us bloggers do these time of the year. But this bitch has really been a problem lately. Whenever I decide to take pictures, it starts raining and when I'm not able to, the sun is shining. Sunshine, rain, sunshine is a common combination in Belgium. The weather can change several times at one day. One of the perks of living near a sea, I guess. I don't even mention that it's already dark at 6pm :(

I've also been busy with non-blogging related stuff, you may call it reality. Gladly my reality can be quite pleasing sometimes and it involves  making costumes, rehearsing and even performing. Besides that me and the boyfriend are still working on our house. Currently focusing on hanging wallpaper (is it even the right term?) in the living room. It's turning out quite nice and I can't wait for the final result!

Luckily, I was able to snap at least one set of outfit pictures this weekend. My mood was still quite post-Halloweeny. I wanted to watch a scary movie with my boyfriend, but we ended up watching Dexter, again. Which is quite satisfying, because we're kind of addicted to it. I even picked up the first book. It was a book turned into a serie, which I didn't know at the beginning. The book is very similar, almost identical, to the series at this point. We're in the middle of the third season right now.

Anyhow, this is what I wore. Channeling my inner witch.

Finally got my hands on a full midi skirt! Hail T2 vintage! I like how it has a slight leather effect. 
My mongolian fur stola has been a companion for many years already. I rarely do without during the cold days. It's so warm!

Wearing: Top and skirt vintage, H&M cardigan, Sacha boots, Mongolian fur stola, DIY necklace, Ray-Ban Laramie sunglasses, All Saints ring, Pieces skull earrings, Michael Kors watch.

This top has been in my posession for over 12 years. It was one of the few things we brough with us while moving to Belgium. Not only a beautiful garment, but full of emotional value too. Lace is one of my big addiction. It's a very sensual material!