Beauty Batch

Though I'm far from a beauty expert or beauty blogger (which must be the same) beauty products have been incorporated in my life early on. I probably used more make-up as a teenager, than I do now. I also starting dyeing my hair at the age of 14. My mom is a former hairdresser, so we always liked to experiment.
Anyhow, I'm quite familiar with beauty products and very fond of beauty rituals, which too, I inherited from my momma. 

Lately I've had some new products, so I decided to share my experience. First up is my new perfume.
I needed something for fall and winter. My Sweet Delicious from DKNY, was, well, a bit too sweet for F/W. After considering different options, which include budget, I decided to buy my summer fragrance a sister. So I got the classic Be Delicious, aka the green apple. I'm very fond of the fragrance, it's perfect for Fall and my current mood. Also as it's a eau de parfum, the smell stays strong for the rest of the day. I prefer  perfume to eau de toillete. 
Now when I close my eyes and inhale the smell, I imagine myself in the centre of the Big Apple.

I also was in need of a new foundation. After using a cheap one (doesn't mean bad) from Hema, I wanted to use a BB Cream instead. My skin was always rather dry, and that Hema foundation only made it more dry through the years. So a BB cream would be the perfect option for me. My skin doesn't need a lot of cover up, just a thin layer of foundation. Not a lot of option were available this summer, so I picked up the one from Garnier for normal skin. I was pleased with it and thought I found a keeper. But none was true. Pretty soon the skin around my eyes, started to turn red and itch. I was never allergic to anything, so I didn't pay a lot of attention to it. I also haven't thought my new foundation would be the cause. Months and a few outbreaks later I finally realized that this Garnier BB Cream was to blame. The rash was so bad, it looked like I had two fading black eyes, you know, when they turn that purply red. 
So, I no longer use it. I have no idea what exactly I was allergic to, but bad experiences have to be shared too. Using and changing a lot of different beauty products is not really healthy too. Don't know how beauty bloggers do it for years...

I was forced to choose another BB Cream and to play it safe, I bought one from a drugstore. La Roche-Posay specializes in products for sensitive skin, which, apparently, I have. I recently used several different products from their range and I must admit, I'm a fan. The BB Cream has a very light and smooth texture and it smells so good! Most important of all, I'm not allergic to it!

Another product I've been using is Idelia Pro from Vichy. After this summer I was left with some sun spots, I always had some, but these time there were a bit too much, I needed to get rid of them. I've been using Idelia Pro for a month now and the results are visible. The spots are barely visible now. Idelia Pro is also available in Belgian drugstores.

My last beauty purchase was an impulse one. Yesterday, while walking through the humble shopping street of my home town, I saw this box on display. I couldn't resist this gorgeous pin-up. I'm a real sucker for all kind of nice packages and boxes. I just reassured myself that I could use this box to store some jewelry.
 The box contains lip products from Coca Cola, a chapstick, a lip gloss and a lip balm. A lot of lip stuff, huh?! The smell is just exactly like Coke flavored candy. Needless to say that I 've used the chapstick a lot of times in those two days. Just want to eat it :D
The range contains another two designs in pink shades. Probably going to buy them too. You can never have too much lip products and boxes and jewelry and clothes and shoes, right?!

Thank you, if you read throgh this very long (endless) beauty post :)