Gold Digger

Wrong is the new 'right'. The more gold, the better. I never shied away from a bit of opulence. I love sequins and I learned to love gold. It's better to be overdressed, than undressed, in my eyes. I like it bold and I am not afraid to show it. I like girls like Rihanna, Xtina and MIA, who are not afraid to speak their minds and not scared of their sexuality. People will always gossip, that's in their ugly nature. I learned to not care, or not a lot at least. A person with a dirty tong only proves to be the fool!

So, a bit more about the look. Recently I received a mail from for a collaboration. I could chose an item from the site to style it in my personal way. I do love vintage, so I was pretty excited. In the end my eye fell on this 80's bomberjack. I wanted one for a while, but haven't found one that was special enough. Well, this one is pretty special, I tell ya! I fell in love with it's key print. Keys are the shit!
I removed the shoulder pads first, though. They did love their shoulder pads back in the 80's :)
It was a match made in heaven between the bomberjack and my sequined skirt, which is actually a top. That's how an outfit fell in it's place. Totally not weird that I was wearing it on a Sunday morning, just because. Actually it's a perfect party outfit, just need a party to go to first. 

So if you love vintage treasures, check out for some sweet deals. I especially love their handbag selection. You never know what treasure you'll find next!

Beware, duck face alert!

Wearing: Vintage bomberjack via, H&M bra, skirt/top & shoes, Anna Dello Russo for H&M sunnies, Topshop bracelet, American Apparel hoop earrings.

I really don't know what I was mimicking here.

Behold, THE KEYS!

Ok, bye!