Out of the blue

Hi, peoples! Nothing major here. Just enjoying my weekend off. Practically the whole day in bed with my boyfriend. Sorry, too much details :p We watched Dexter and Madagascar 3(Afro circus)! What were you thinking, pervs?! I had a busy week, I had to work and was all over Flanders in my free time, so I enjoy my time off for now. 

These pictures were taken during the week. I, once again, forgot my camera at my boyfriends, so bestie snapped these pictures with a simple, little old school digital camera. I had to work some digital magic, but I think they turned out OK. Obviously, I did wear a coat outside, but was too lazy to shoot it.

Wearing: Zara sweater and skirt, H&M necklace and ring, Swatch watch, Sacha boots, Primark earrings.

This is one of a few pictures of me smiling, which I don't hate.