Tea Tree Oil Use for Acne:Safe and Natural Acne Remedy

Treatment records have shown that 5% Tea Tree Oil is as effective as 5% benzyol peroxide in treatment of moderate forms of acne, though the action is considered to be relatively slower. The judicious use of aroma oils helps rejuvenate and beautify the skin. Essential oils have been used for skin treatment since ages. Aromatherapy whilst having relatively slower action are safer than harsh chemcial products which can cause damage to the skin and can result in lustureless, dry and sagging skin.

Tea Tree Oil helps Treat
Acne Safely
What is Tea Tree Oil? Tea Tree Oil Uses

This essential oil refers to a concentrated aromatic compounds of a plant named Melaleuca Alternifolia. These aromatic compounds are found in the leaves of the plant. Tea tree oil like other essential oils is obtained by steam distillation process from the Melaleuca plant leaves. In the past, these leaves were used as a substitute for tea and hence the name. Since the plant it native to Australia, it is also referred to as Australian Tea Tree oil.

Tea tree oil similar to other essential oils, which are known to have therapeutic properties are used for various alternative therapies including massage therapy, meditaion and aromatherapy. Hence these essential oils are also commonly referred to as aroma oils.

Where to Find Tea Tree Oil? How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Tea Tree Oils are often readily available in small vials in body shops and health stores. Tea tree oil can also be purchased online. Essential oils have a tendency to evaporate quickly and hence need to be store appropriately, to avoid wastage. Some soaps and lotions also claim to contain tea tree oil. It is however, very important to purchase Tea Tree Oils from a reliable and trustworthy sources since there are several spurious alternatives available in the market.

Genuine Tea Tree Oils have a stinging and cooling effect when applied on the skin and the aroma is very pleasing. Studies have however shown that undiluted 1% Tea Tree Oil can be associated with allergic reaction which may affect one in 15 people, while 0.1% diluted Tea Tree Oil is safe for local application. Tea Tree Oil can be used for local application, especially after diluting it with carrier oil like walnut oil, jojoba oil or wheat germ oil.

Acne Free Skin
with Tea Tree Oil
Acne Scars and Tea Tree Oil: Safe Acne Vulgaris Remedy

Tea Tree oil is considered to be beneficial in management of acne vulgaris, which is a milder form of acne. There are different actions of Tea Tree Oil on the skin,
  • Tea Tree Oil is considered to be beneficial for oily skin. It helps in stabilizing and reducing sebum production. This is why it is considered to be highly beneficial in the management of acne.
  • Tea Tree oil has strong antimicrobial properties, which prevents the multiplication of bacteria on the skin and halts the inflammatory process associated with acne.
  • Further, Tea Tree Oil is considered to be helpful in checking the formation of scar tissue and also helps eliminate unsightly scars and marks, which may be associated with acne vulgaris. It is recommended to use a few drops of the aroma oil with Aloe Vera Gel and use it as a beautifying mask.
Natural and Effective Acne Remedy: Preventing Acne Cysts

 Though the use of Tea Tree Oil is considered to be highly beneficial, there are certain other considerations which are a part of the skin care regimen to prevent the occurrence of acne scars and cysts. These simple skin care tips include, 
  • Avoid all exposure to oils and greases.
  • Products that you use for cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, should all have a water base, rather that an oil base. Choose beauty products carefully. Avoid greasy creams and hair conditioners. It would be wise to check with your dermatologist. Always consult your healthcare provider
  • Follow a skin care ritual diligently. Never give it a miss. Clean the skin thoroughly using a cotton swab. Grime and dirt further block the pores and aggravate the condition. Thus cleansing is invaluable.
  • Follow it up with toning, and then moisturizing, using water based moisturizer. Do not pick the pimples and blackheads. A natural skin scrub once a week, is necessary to exfoliate the dead cells and eliminate dirt.