Combat Emotional Stress: Meditation and Aroma Therapy For Stress Management

When life becomes excessively stressful, and you are easily overwhelmed by what is happening around you, your mind seems to be bursting with thoughts, worries, anxieties and tensions. Confusion, insecurity, anger, frustration, and indecision arise, cluttering you mind, and making it very difficult to function normally. All negative emotions are unhealthy and should be calmed as soon as possible, before they spiral.

Calm the Mind to combat Emotional Stress: Natural Stress Management

Meditation curbs
 Emotional Stress
Combining meditation with aromatherapy is a wonderful approach to soothe frayed nerves. Meditation alone, offers significant benefits, but, meditating with mind-clearing aroma oils will yield bigger profits and enhance the experience. You can choose from a host of essential oils - lavender, frankincense, geranium, or juniper. These essential oils are calming and relaxing.
  • Float your essential oils using an aroma oil dispenser.
  • Sit comfortably, keeping your back erect.
  • Inhale the vaporizing aroma oils and focus on your breath. Try to keep your mind blank.
  • When thoughts intervene, label them as ‘anger’ / ‘frustration’ / ‘fear’, and let go of them. Do not hang on to them. Simply observe them.
  • Once you will you have calmed down reasonably, assess the thought that is uppermost in your mind and troubling you. Try to understand the cause, whether it is fruitful to think about it, if it is going to benefit you in any way. think about it objectively.
  • Breathe deeply, and imagine the thought melting away.
  • Aromatherapy can
    improve mediation practice
  • Once you feel calmer, quieter, and at peace, you can end the meditation.
 Benefits of Meditation: Using Aromaoils to Combat Stress

  • The practice of this technique will help you let go of racing, confused thoughts. It will assist you in sorting out the thoughts, prioritizing them, and letting go of extraneous and unwanted ones.
  • It helps your mind to slow down and de-clutter, and not get caught up with the mundane and fruitless things in life.
  • It will help you find inner peace and tranquility.

 You could also, keep an aroma oil blend with you always, so that you could sniff at it, when you’re feeling stressed and pressurized.

Make sure that the essential oil blends that you use are authentic. For, a spurious or synthetic blend will not bring about the desired effect and could even be counter-productive.