Tips for Natural Medicine Insomnia and Stress Cure

Insomnia can be caused and cause stress. Even if your insomnia naturally is not caused by stress, you will suffer stress when you start sleeping habits are not regular and not natural. Therefore, to cure insomnia naturally immediately realize the things that disturb the mind / feeling and then complete before finally buried, sediment, and continue to haunt you. Pity your brain, stop thinking too much, complex, and heavy. naturally to avoid insomnia, occasionally behave naturally and always surrender to God to make life more peaceful. Also a time to share about the problem you are dealing with friends, relatives, and family and ask for input and opinions for your load becomes lighter.
other than that to cure insomnia Note the food intake of caffeinated drinks, tea and soda must be avoided at bedtime. If you still want to consume it, do it in the morning or late afternoon or at least 4 hours before bedtime. natural milk, chocolate, pasta, and cheese a few hours before bedtime can help you naturally sleepy and your insomnia diminishing
make you feel comfortable to recover from insomnia, a quiet atmosphere and a relaxed body ideal conditions for getting quality sleep. Choose the way that most makes you comfortable, for example with natural aromatherapy, warm bath, do yoga / meditation, moderate exercise, use dim lights, soft music, and wear clean bedding. Try also the free zone of your sleep disturbance TV or telephone.
insomnia natural healing which can also be cured with self-hypnosis.Tidur has 4 phases, calculated from your laying in bed to sleep at all, namely thinking, fantasy, hypnoidal, and unconscious sleep. People who insomnia difficulty transitioning from the stage of thinking into fantasy because they are too old to be on stage thinking, such as flashbacks to the events that happened throughout the day, plan what to do tomorrow, or other matters.
The bad effect he would be trapped in fear that his mind becomes wild and can not be controlled. If this reason that makes you unable to sleep, do the following: immediately relax your body, pull a deep breath, hold, then exhale; do the swallow; turn your eyes upward (closed eyelids, eyeball as if looking at forehead) to mimic the rapid eye movement (REM) when you are asleep.
After that, begin to enter the fantasy stage with pairs of happy faces and imagine a beautiful-beautiful; control your breathing regularly while continuing concentration of repeating positive words for example, relaxed, beautiful, quiet, peaceful.