Causes of Female Infertility: Home Remedies and Acupressure Therapy for Women to conceive naturally

Infertility affects one in six couples across the United States. As per studies, consumption of caffeine is associated with decrease in fertility. Twenty percent of adult American consume more than 300 mg of caffeine each day and are at a higher risk of infertility. A host of other factors affect fertility and simple home remedies have been found to be effective in improving fertility and help conceive naturally.

Female Infertility Causes

Female infertility can be classified in two basic categories of causes,

    Pelvic disease interferes
    with conception
  • Problems related to Ovulation: Hormonal imbalance, ovarian cysts or tumors, irregular menstrual cycle, overweight, stress of abuse of alcohol or drugs, etc may result in ovulation disorders which may act as primary cause of female infertility
  • Pelvic and female reproductive system disorder: Pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine polyps, endometriosis, blockage of fallopian tubes, scarring and adhesions, etc can interfere with the ability of the ovum to travel from the ovaries to the uterus or interfere with the ability of the embryo to implant on the uterine wall and result in infertility.

 Acupressure therapy for women to conceive naturally:

 Massage therapy has been believed to help in natural conception. Many have claimed that massage therapy can actually enhance the success rate of in-vitro fertilization procedures by promoting embryo implantation. Massage therapy has several benefits which include regularizing menstrual cycles and ovulation, increasing production of cervical mucus, boosting fertility and treating endometriosis and uterine fibroids. The following are some of the massage techniques that have been found beneficial,

  • Massage points located at a distance of three centimeters on the anterior midline at the level of the 2nd sacral bone. Massage this point regularly for about three to four minutes
  • Massaging the point located on the medial portion of the leg, three centimeters from the medial malleolus, towards the base of the tibia
  • Massage the point located on the anterior part of the leg, two centimeters above the tendo-achilles

 Home Remedies to treat infertility among women

There are certain herbs and home remedies that can help in natural conception among women,

    Black Cohosh effective
    in normalizing menstural cycle
  • Evening Primrose oil and flax seed oils contains Omega 3 fatty acids which can enhance ovulation, reduce uterine constrictions and also reduce stress levels in females and thereby regulate hormonal imbalances
  • Black Cohosh has anti-spasmodic properties which help in normal menstruation and aids the implantation of the embryo on the uterine walls
  • Red Raspberry leaves help in normalizing menstrual cycles and strengthens the inner lining of the uterus and thereby assists in implantation. Boil the leaves of Red raspberry in warm water and consume it during the menstrual cycle. Discontinue their use after conception.