Treating Lower Back Pain: Homeopathy and Home Remedies for Backache

Lower back pain (LBP) is associated with disabling pain and is responsible for approximately $26.3 billion lost annually due to loss of productivity. It affects approximately 25% of American population and is the fifth most common cause for physician visit in the United States, as per University of Missouri- Columbia. Fortunately there are certain options of self therapy and homeopathy which have been found to be effective in the management of LBP

Lower Back Pain Causes

Lower back pain is a symptom which is associated with a wide range of conditions. It should be noted that in 85% of the patients with lower back pain, no organic cause can be identified. Some of the leading causes include,

Lower Back pain
  • Nerve root syndrome: Herniation of the disc, spinal disc degeneration, Spondylosis and cauda equine syndrome are some of the identified causes
  • Fibromyalgia and Musculoskeletal pain syndromes are another common cause of lower back pain
  • Infection of the bones can result in inflammation and subsequently result in lower back pain. non infectious inflammation as observed in ankylosing spondilitis is another common cause
  • Tumors of the spinal cord and injuries have also been associated with lower back pain
  • Pressure from the surrounding organs including conditions like uterine prolapsed in females; pelvic inflammatory disease, etc result in pull on the ligaments, which is associated with lower back pain.
  • Obesity and pregnancy are also associated with lower back pain, due to change in the body contour and undue strain on the lower back
Homeopathy to treat lower back pain

Homeopathy is been practiced for over a century now and is considered to be a very beneficial complementary system of medicine. Homeopathy provides great relief in musculoskeletal disorders and helps patients avoid the use of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs.

  • Bryonia Album: A homeopathic drug with profound influence on muscular and skeletal system is considered very beneficial for lower back pain. Bryonia aids in muscle relaxation and also helps in reducing edema and inflammation in joints and thereby alleviates pain
  • Rhus Tox: Rhus Tox is a drug that complements the action of Bryonia and also aids in muscle relaxation. The indications for use of Rhus Tox are ideally when the pain is associated with a trauma or injury.
  • Arnica Montana: Arnica is also useful in reliving joint and back pain. Arnica is useful in managing lower back pain associated with blunt trauma, especially when associated with a possibility of intramuscular bleeding or edema
Home Remedies for Lower Backache

Here are some simple home remedies that have been found effective in the management of lower back pain,

    Massage is beneficial
    for LBP
  • Research has shown that massage has been very beneficial in the management of lower back pain. Massage with clove oil is considered very beneficial. Clove oil helps in muscle relaxation and alleviates pain. Massaging with turpentine oil is also considered beneficial
  • Khaskhas has been known to be beneficial in relieving pain. Khaskhas has a sedative action and helps in muscle relaxation and alleviating the pain
  • Hot water fermentation helps increase blood circulation to the affected area which in turn helps improves the condition and reduce the inflammatory reaction.
  • Rest is crucial to recover from back pain. A diet rich in calcium and vitamins is an integral part of back pain management. Calcium helps improve the strength of the bone and manages osteoporosis which is also a leading cause of back pain
  • Yoga or simple exercises targeted on the back region also help increase the range of movement of the lower back region and aid in lower backache relief