On the dot

As promised, here's my outfit from Tiany's event earlier this week.
That day I had a problem with deciding what I was going to wear. As I, and many other girls, have frequently.
I ended up in a Minnie Mouse inspired outfit. 
I know for a lot of people this look is too costumey, childish or even plain ugly.
But I couldn't care less. I was always the girl who wore "crazy" outfits. I just dare to wear them, it's as simple as that. If I'm choosing something, I'm not going to worry about other people opinions.
I'm all about challenges and so it is with fashion too. 
And believe me, this is not to pull attention to my persona. This is just me.
I was born this way, baby!
I like to have fun with outfits while I'm still young.
It would be pretty hard to pull off this look in 10 years from this :)

So, that day I ended up with this polka dot blouse that I just bought in a vintage shop and just ended up pilling the rest of the clothes around it. This is how I ended up looking kind of like a cartoon figure :)
I was glad to receive some nice reactions from the fellow bloggers on the event.

Wearing: Vintage polka dot blouse, H&M skirt and shoes, Modström belt, Sac d'Anvers bag.

The beautiful garden where the pictures where taken