In other news

The time of finals is here again. I just had my first one yesterday and I think it went ok.
Afterwards I met with my best friend for lunch and some shopping. On the to buy list were the boots from Sacha   that I've seen last week while in Antwerp. I fell in love with them, but hadn't had the time to try them on. Gladly they had them in Ghent too. 
While in the store I bumped into the Belgian male model, Cesar Casier. It's a small world when u live in Belgium.
I looked for such boots for a long time. They're not classical biker boots, but do come close to them. Can't wait to wear them, I have already many different outfits planned in my head.
The boots make noise too, thanks to all the metal details on them. They're like wearing jingle bells :)

I have a confession to make here, I'm a major accessories addict. I have ton's of them lying and hanging around or stored in boxes.Unfortunately I don't have enough space to put all of them on display, so I forget about some of them for a long time.But still...
These are some of my new finds. The first four from the left are from I Am, the dreamcatcher on the right is from H&M. I'm proud of myself because I managed to wear three out of five necklaces already :)

I just love the feathers on this necklace

I've been looking for such a coin necklace for ages, but the ones I found were never good enough.
Well, this one was an ugly duckling itself, additional to this necklace was some beige layered laces that ruined the whole thing. No wander a lot of the necklaces were hanging in the sale section.
I just removed the laces et voila! 
I added a crystal hanger from Monet & Co ,that I recently bought too, to it
By the way, it Napoleon on the coins.

I always love to read and try to do so often. I mostly read while on my way to college, on the train.
Taking a break from the True Blood series I started to read the autobiography of Slash, that I borrowed from my boyfriend. I love to read biographies and this one is very well written, easy to read and really funny.
Yesterday, while shopping I found the book about the band Jane's Addiction. It was laying in the sale rack of the Fnac for just three euro's. I couldn't let it there for such a price and started reading straight away on the train.