Pin me up

Me again! I'm having vacation, aka the time of my life.
I just spend the weekend at Graspop, one of the biggest metal festivals of Europe.
Thanx to a great opportunity I will be going to Werchter too. But more about this later.
Unfortunately the weather wasn't good enough the two first days, so I didn't risk to take my camera with me.
On the third day I was just plain lazy.
I'll probably take my camera with me this weekend, so I can show u some pictures.

But about something else now. I'm a participant in a new Belgian bloggers initiative called "Project Blogway".
Each week the bloggers take outfit pictures around a chosen theme.
The first theme of the contest was the 50s.
I was very glad with the chosen theme, because the 50s are one of my favorite decades.
And nothing let's u feel as feminine as pin-up look.
I know some of you have seen a few pictures I send in already, but I want to show u some more.
Because I had so much fun shooting this look. I just had to wear my favorite leopard print for this outfit!
It was actually quiet funny, because it was shot in between two rainfalls. And we were kind of waiting for the rain to stop to take the pictures. Weather is kind of unpredictable here.

Wearing: Zara dress, H&M shoes and bag, Etam belt

If you liked my outfit, please vote for me at"Project Blogway"in the left sidebar.
The next theme is Rock Chick and I can't wait to shoot that one. I'm going to have a special accessory for that outfit ;)