Anti Aging Yoga for the Face: Get Rid Of Wrinkles Naturally with Lion Pose

Yoga postures have an extremely powerful influence on the muscles of the face. Yoga tones the muscles and prevents the occurrence of premature wrinkles as well as staves off their onset appreciably.

Sustained practice of Yoga offers incalculable and innumerable rewards. Not only does Yoga make your body supple and flexible, it calms the mind and helps reconnect with yourself, and slows down ageing considerably.

Here is a Yoga asana that efficiently exercises the muscles of the face, irons out wrinkles and puts a stop to sagging of the skin. Daily practice of yoga will supply your face, head and scalp with a rush of blood and will lend the skin a wonderful radiance.

Lion Pose helps strech the
Muscles of the face
Simhasana or the Lion Pose: Anti Aging Yoga For Face

The lion pose works on your face, neck, forehead and eyes. It is a wonderful Yoga asana and an amazing workout for your facial muscles. You hardly ever use all the muscles of the face and you almost never workout those muscles. This leads to sagging of the skin. The expressive character of this posture will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.
The asana:
  • Kneel on the floor. Incline your body slightly forwards, and cross your ankles. The buttocks rest on your heels.
  • Keep your palms on the knees. Spread out the fingers wide.
  • Breathe normally for a few minutes.
  • Now, open your jaw as wide as possible, and let your tongue roll out.
  • Roll the eyeballs upwards.
  • Let the skin on your face become taut.
  • Hold the pose and make a noise like the lion’s roar.
  • After 3 to 5 minutes, close your eyes, close the mouth and sit peacefully.
  • Relax.
How Will Yoga Help get rid of Wrinkles and Slow Down Aging?

Yoga promises to halt the process of ageing or decelerate its onset significantly. Constant practice prevents the unwelcome signs of ageing from becoming apparent. The gentle and fluid movements balance the flow of Prana through your body. With continual practice, you will experience profound peace and inner stillness and aids in the process of weight loss.

Our mind tends to drift off either in to the past or future. Yoga will teach you awareness of your body and focuses on living in the present moment. Living each moment provides undue contentment and joy, banishes anxiety and helps reconnect with oneself. Yoga helps you maintain youthfulness for a long, long time.