Forever 21 Pre-Party Party

Great news for us, Belgian fashion lovers, Forever 21 is coming to our small country.
Two major stores will be opening, first one in Brussels (30 July) and the second one in Antwerp (August).
A big event was organized to celebrate this great news. Lot's of bloggers and press enjoyed a hologram show of the new collection and a great party which ended with a bang on the sounds of Belgian Electropop band Teddiedrum who played a live gig.
This was a party I'll remember for a long time, lot's of nice people, great music and delicious cocktails. 
What more can a girl need for a great night out?! The hologram show was pretty impressive. Glad I had a chance to see it with my own eyes. But pretty hard to catch on camera.
A little video to give you an impression of the night and off course lot's of pictures!

Me and my best friendie Nathalie from The MerryMakers

I wore : Zara dress & bag, ebay shoes, Vivienne Westwood bones necklace

Our feet getting snapped right before it all started. Little did we know...

Look how happy we are F21!!!!

Bie from M'As-Tu Vu is hungry for some fashion action

My girl Nath was quiet an attraction that night, with the bow and all. I warned her :) Tavi who?!

Happy bloggers on two sides of "the river" as we called it. Crossing it in heels all night long was a little challenge.

My adorable car mates Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman and Stéphanie from StyleLab on a fab pink!!! couch

Getting hologrammed! To the future and back


In a tropical setting

Posing away with Annebeth and Sté

Mr. Flamingo! A must have for my future home

Girls like candy, lot's of it

"The River" was filled with rubber ducks, you could fish one out and win prizes. I won a nice make-up bag and some accessories

Looot's of drinks

My dream bracelet from Buddha to Buddha. Gilles from Wood and Rags is the owner, I just had to try it on!

Candy lovers

Crazy Cindy from Glamour Bbey

Being crazy together is much more fun!

My so called "Balmain" shoes were quiet a hit that night. The fact is that I almost went into a shoe coma at the end of the night, oh well :)


It's all in a name. They were drumming on an electro drum decorated with stuffed animals

Let it snow!

Thanx to Oona and F21 to make this night happen!