Look Younger and Fight off the Signs of Aging: Anti-Aging Food & Skin Care Regimen

Anti aging doesn’t have to mean turning to harsh skin products or cosmetic surgery. The popular trend now is to focus on anti ageing from within.Your lifestyle, diet, routine and stress levels play an important role I determining how you look and feel. Inconsistent lifestyle patterns, hurried, hectic routines, excessive sun exposure, damage due to pollution, mounting levels of stress, sedentary existence with no exercise accelerate the process of aging and make you look prematurely old.

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Ways to Look Younger: The Importance of Water for Anti Aging

Incorporate these guidelines in to your daily routine, they promise to stave off the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, prevent the development of age spots, thwart hair fall, fatigue and lethargy.

An important aspect of your skin care regimen and anti aging treatment program is water. Drink plenty of water. Water hydrates your skin from within. Insufficient amount of water causes dehydration and consequently essential anti aging nutrients can not be delivered to the system. To look younger, you have to make sure that water is an integral part of the anti aging regime.

Anti Oxidants and Anti Aging Go Hand in Hand: Anti Aging Foods

  • Make sure you take plenty of anti oxidant in your daily diet. Anti oxidants are powerful tools to battle the ravages of age. They prevent oxidative cell damage and thus ward off the onslaught of aging.

  • Ensure that you have loads of limes, lemons, bell peppers, cherries, berries, apples and papayas. They are packed with vitamin C, the most potent anti oxidant and beauty vitamin. Vitamin C fights off fines lines, delays their appearance and lightens the skin significantly. It protects your skin from the brutal effects of the sun.

  • Vitamin A is crucial for healthy looking skin and hair. It imparts a healthy sheen to the skin, banishes age spots and keeps your skin looking supple. Additionally, vitamin A is essential for thick and luxuriant hair. It prevents hair fall and premature graying. Rich sources include: tomatoes, papayas, mangoes, carrots, spinach and melons.

  • Another powerful anti oxidant is the vitamin E. Vitamin E is vital for youngest looking skin and hair. What’s more, it helps deal with stress effectively. Vitamin E is fundamental for the healthy functioning of the nervous system. It soothes frayed and frazzled nerves and eliminates negative moods and emotions. Nuts and seeds are the best sources of vitamin E.

  • Taking supplements to meet your daily need for the anti oxidants is recommended too. However, do not depend entirely on supplementation. Incorporate these foods in to the daily menu. 

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  • Include green tea to your routine. Green tea is an excellent natural anti aging food that is packed with anti oxidants. It slows down the process of aging: fights heart trouble, keeps off cancer, helps maintain ideal body weight, boost stamina and immune mechanisms and keeps you looking radiant.

Anti Aging Treatment and Daily Skin Care

  • You must scrub your face and neck twice a week. Natural scrubs made of oatmeal; walnuts, cinnamon, etc. are decidedly effective and widely popular. A scrub gently exfoliates the skin. Exfoliation is a crucial part of anti aging. It helps eliminate dead cells and enhance cell renewal. Use a loofah to scrub your body daily. Never neglect the skin on the rest of your body. It needs care as well.

  • Steam your face once in a week. Make sure you apply ice after 5 to 7 minutes of steaming. Steam opens up the pores and gets rid off dirt and grime that tend to clog and enlarge the pores, resulting in black heads, white heads, acne and pimples.

  • Moisturization is exceedingly essential. Keeping your skin moisturized gives it a radiant and dewy appearance. Dry skin looks old and neglected. Moisturization prevents the development of wrinkles.

  • Importantly, protect your skin from the sun. The sun makes the skin dry, dull and leathery. It speeds up the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Use scarves, glares and umbrellas and slather on plenty of sun block.

Exercise to Look Younger: Anti Aging Exercise

Exercise daily and face yoga gives you loads of energy, builds muscle mass, enhances blood flow to the skin, tackles depression and anxiety, strengthens bones and boosts metabolism. Exercise augments the delivery of vital nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells and makes you look youthful.

Good Sleep For Anti Aging: Sleep Well Look Younger

Sleep is very vital if you want to preserve your youthful looks. When you sleep, your body releases the growth hormone which stimulates cell turn-over. Poor sleep and stress suppress the immune system and step up the process of aging considerably. Ensure that you sleep for 8 hours everyday. Power naps are extremely effective too.