Land of Gods

About one month ago I went on vacation with my boyfriend to the sunny island of Rodos.
Although Rodos counts as a part of Greece, it's much closer to Turkey, you can even see the coast from one side of the island.
It was such a nice break, just sun see and quality time. No worries, no appointments, no fashion. Yes, no fashion, you read it right. It was too hot to dress up. We had a really good time and we'll probably go back one day. There's just too much beauty there. The island is special because it's not only a tourist island, but has many historic sights and buildings that remain from many different era's. Rodos was an important travelling route through the ages. So many of the cultures left their mark on the island. Ancient Greek temples, Knight residences  from the Middle Ages, Mosques from the Turkish Invasion, Italian churches,... all of these elements are built next to each other in a strange harmony. Sometimes it appears that you're on a movie set of a historical blockbuster.
For me it was the perfect vacation destination, culture, history and sun combined. I love the Greek culture and history. The food is amazing too! I have family in Athens, so it isn't the last time I'll be visiting that wonderful country.

Prepare for a major picture overload

Feet suicide!

The cutest car ever! And that color is marvelous!

A cactus 'garden' next to our hotel

Most beautiful view. There wasn't a person in sight on that beach.

Trees with beautiful flowers were everywhere

Peacocks running free at the Seven Springs valley

The view of Lindos

The view from the hill on the previous picture

Stairs and more stairs

Temple of Afrodite

Feeding the hungry camel

Even this outfit was too warm for the hot weather


Evil eye protection was everywhere