London coolness

Moving on to the second London outfit. As I said before, I decided to pack light to avoid carrying too much bags on the way home, I know the shopping routine. Not everyone was as smart so I ended up helping one of the girls out, you know who you're, addict :p 
I don't like wearing the same outfit two days in a row, but sometimes it's impossible to avoid. Even though I didn't plan to shop (too much), going to London and not shop at Primark and Topshop is impossible. So that's how I ended up refreshing my outfit for a second day in London with yet another leopard print dress. I'm a leopard print addict, if there was such thing as a 'leopard print rehab', I'd be a resident. The rehab should totally be on an exotic island ,though, with palm trees and cocktails. But back to the topic... So another leopard print dress and just for £10!!! Just couldn't resist it.
Let me tell you that I never had as much fun taking outfit pictures and they turned out great. We were hanging out at this suburban neighborhood just across our hostel, pretending to be blogger gangsta's, sunglasses included. Needless to say that the the locals were interested in our activities, but being the polite people they are, never stared longer than a few seconds. I wish I'd had these girls with me everyday!
I had major difficulties choosing the pictures, I loved them that much. So, yet again an overload.

'Subtle' posing skillzzz

Wearing: Primark dress and earrings, Karen Millen leather jacket, Sacha boots, Ray-Ban sunnies, silver rings.