Feeling blue on a gray winter day? Wear bright colors to cheer yourself up!
That's exactly what I did. This Primark sweater is quite an eyecatcher. I'm so happy I found it.
It was literally the last one in the whole (giant) Primark store in London. 
I'd like to believe that it was meant to be! The knit is light, but warm at the same time and also very soft. 
Though, as I told, the color is impossible to catch on camera. That just makes it even more special to me.
A strange thing happened after shooting this pictures, I lost a lot of them, they just disappeared from my camera, weird. There's no way I could've deleted them, so it'll stay a little mystery to me.
Luckily I didn't lose all of them!

I really like how the pink of the sweater contrasts to the gray of the background.

Having a laugh :)

So in love with these Primark tights. Also have them in burgundy. The glitter shoes are also a new catch, from Zara. I found them at the sale corner for just 10 euro's. I wanted glittery shoes for a while, so this is a nice first pair.

Wearing: Primark sweater & tights, Zara skirt and shoes, necklace from Tunisia, earrings from a flea market, Michael Kors watch.

And a happy women's day to all of my dear readers! Remember girls, every single one of you is special!