Sporty again?!

I guess I didn't exaggerate when I said I wear this sneakers a lot. At the moment they're the most appropriate for the sucky weather we're experiencing again. They're also very comfortable to wear, I'm sure I already said that...
Well, this outfit needed to be practical, as we were going for a shoot in a park. So guess, I had that excuse. Who am I kidding, I don't need any excuse to wear anything, was just messing with you! 
As I was saying we went to Citadel Park in Ghent to shoot among pervy men and ducks. My best friend wanted to take some pictures of her piece before her jury. We used my camera and I was just assisting, or ass sitting :)
First I sweated my ass off while we went up hill with lot's of bags, the weather was normal and sunny. But when the evening came closer, I was actually glad I was wearing my new pleather jacket. The biggest pleather disadvantage, not being breathable, proved to be a major plus, as the temperatures got quite chilly.
I bought this Sisley jacket at clear out in the local second hand store for a ridiculous price. Scoring such bargains makes me feeling a mighty shopper! The jacket is in perfect shape and fits these sneakers perfectly. This is probably also the most 'pastely' outfit from me yet.

Wearing: Sisley pleather jacket, Zara shirt, old jeans, ebay sneaker wedges, Six necklace.

I ended up stalking a family of ducks, who probably thought I was crazy.