On the bright side

At last we've been experiencing some summer weather. A trip to the sea side and one hour in the back yard refreshed my tan and I look like I'm just returned from vacation. But my real vacation still has to start. After nagging about the fact of not being able to travel this summer, it turned out I'll be going for two trips.
Expect the unexpected, huh?! It happened really fast. At first me and my boyfriend decided to make a trip to a place that would be close to home, so we could drive there. After considering different options we chose Strasbourgh, France. A beautiful old city with lot's of sights. On the way home we'll also pass through Germany. 
A few days after that, my best friend asked if I wanted to go to Barcelona with her. I've been dreaming of visiting Barcelona for years, so I agreed. We booked the cheapest flight through Ryan Air and a cheap and nice hotel. I'm so siked to go on this trips. I just need to get away once in a while.

I'll be leaving to Barcelona at the end of August, but I'm already thinking about what to pack with me. We decided to travel light, so I'll need to choose wisely. It's pretty hot in Barcelona, so I won't be needing warm clothing, just some dresses, shorts and bikini's. I'm planning on packing a lot of colors.
I'm sure people in Barcelona won't look as strange at me when I wear something colorful as when I wear it here. People in Belgium really like grey, beige and brown shades, you see...

I'm planning on packing this outfit with me as well. I scored these palazzo pants at the sales. Actually I've been looking for a maxi skirt, but haven't found nothing that I liked yet.
So, full on color that is perfect to go on holiday. 

Wearing: River Island top, Mango pants, H&M shoes, Swarovski earrings, Pieces necklace.

Natural make-up all the way!

The skull addict that I am. Don't you think this one is so adorable?!