Bloggers Closet Sale

Want to revamp your wardrobe for coming fall and winter?! Then the Bloggers Closet Sale is the perfect place to be. This Friday me and a bunch of fellow Belgian bloggers are organizing a closet sale. The sale is going to take place during the Antwerp Fashion Night powered by Knack Weekend.

Every participating blogger is known for their unique style, so there'll be something for everybody. Come have a look, sip a Tao, eat a delicious cupcake by Patty Cakes and give our clothes a new loving home!

For more info check out the facebook pages of Antwerp Fashion Night and our Closet Sale 

Want to come and have a look before the madness begins? We're starting an hour earlier with a private sale.
Want to make a chance to be a part of the private sale and discover everything first? 
Mail me at 
I'll be choosing three lucky readers.

Friday 28th of September @ Happaertstraat 21

See you there and don't forget the cash ;)