New in + Fall Wishlist

Since I still don't have a real job, I try to minimize my shopping. Going cold turkey would be hard.
So I try to watch out for promotions and sales on webshops and in stores. Off course I only buy stuff I really want/need, not some impulse buys. This is what I recently acquired.

As I'm crazy about knits I needed that sweater to brighten up my grey/black fall wardrobe. It's pretty warm and cozy, but still looks cool. I also had my eyes on this mint colored collar for some time and since it was on sale I just went for it.

My previous ASOS purchase was back in May. Could it be for me, I'd shop there every week! Recently they had an extra 10% off their whole range. Perfect timing to score some sale items with extra discount!
So I ordered this cute straw cap, I had my eyes on for while and this River Island midi dress in tiger print.
Now I only need an occasion to wear the dress.

Budget shopping:

H&M sweater € 14.95 
Mint collar  10 
Asos straw cap  € 7.76
€ 2.50 on Asos purchase

Total: € 42.91

There're a few (I'm lying, a lot) of items on my wishlist so I made an inspiration board.

I'm mostly looking for an oversized boyfriend coat in grey. This one is from River Island and I absolutely love it, but it's way out of my price range at £95. A striped shirt is the perfect fall basic in my eyes, never can have too much of stripes! Also exploring pleather pants options. Badass and pretty sweaty, I imagine.
On my wishlist since start of high school (really!) are classic low Converse. As it's already too cold to wear them, I'll postpone buying them for a bit longer. 
I've been living in a beanie during the winter for a few years now. On my wishlist is a cat beanie or a cat hat. I dare you to repeat 'cat hat' as many times as you can. FUN right?!
And last but not least, this key bracelet from Fossil. I saw it in store yesterday and fell head over heels in love with it. They also have it in gold, want both, actually! It's quite pricey though :( About £60. This one is going right on my Christmas list.
The outfit combined with these items would be just perfect for a casual day!

What's on your wishlist?