Naturally Treating Urinary Tract Infection:Home Remedies, Diet and Tips to Manage UTI

As per the Kidney Foundation of America one in five women will develop Urinary Tract Infection during their life time. In another survey conducted by the NHANES, 2003, it was observed that 34% of adults reported of urinary tract infections in the United States with the prevalence of the condition three times higher in females compared to their male counterparts. The condition can be fairly distressing and recurrent urinary tract infections are associated with the risk of developing renal problems. Fortunately there are some simple guidelines and home remedies that can effective in the prompt management of the condition.

Recurrent UTI can

affect the entire renal system

Simple Guidelines to prevent UTIs: Dietary Tips for management of Urinary Tract Infections

Here are some simple dietary recommendations that can help in the management and prevention of urinary tract infection,  

  • The management of UTI necessitates augmenting the intake of fluids. This is the most important dietary recommendation, to speed up cure.

  • Ideally, the liquids should be in the form of pure water, fruit juice, vegetable juices, butter milk, coconut water, and herbal teas. Ensure that you take up to 3 and ½ to 4 liters of fluids every day. Fluids help to flush the entire system and fight bacteria.

  • Importantly, stay away from soft drinks, aerated beverages, coffee, tea, and alcohol. These foods are responsible for dehydration which obstruct the natural flushing of the renal system and increasing the risk of developing Urinary Tract Infections

Home Remedy for Management to UTI: Cranberry for Urinary Tract Infection

Cranberry effective in

managing Urinary Tract


Cranberry plays an important role in the prevention and effective management of urinary infection. Researches and clinical studies have disclosed that drinking the juice of cranberries has a beneficial effect on the urinary tract. Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins (antioxidants), which inhibit the fimbrial adhesion of the bacterial to the lining of the urinary tract. This fruit also fights E. coli (the most common form of bacteria, with 80 to 90 % frequency of causing UTI), and prevents its adhesion. If the bacteria are not allowed to adhere and hold onto the epithelium or the lining of the bladder or the urethra, they get washed away, and cannot result in an infection. Cranberry prevents this adherence and acts as the most effective home remedy for UTI

What’s more, the fruit is a rich source of vitamin C, and vitamin C strengthen the defense mechanisms ( boosts immune system) of the body and helps fight the infection faster.

In case, the fresh fruit is not available, you could find a cranberry extract pill, at any health store.

Life Style tips for the management of UTI: Basic guidelines to prevent recurrences of urinary tract infection 

  • Avoid bubble baths and adding any chemicals to the bath tub. These chemicals may enter into the urinary system and may result in irritation and inflammation.

  • Void urine after intercourse This helps flush the genitourinary system of any bacteria

  • Avoid using diaphragms and spermicidal jellies. These often contain irritants that can result in inflammation.

  • Check constipation and indigestion. Constipation impairs bladder emptying, which in turn, is a predisposing factor to UTI. Indigestion on the other hand can distort the acid-alkali balance resulting in increased risk of developing UTI

  • Maintain good personal hygiene especially genital hygiene. This is of greater importance in menstruating females, since menstrual cycles are often associated with UTIs.