Cure Diabetes Naturally: Home Remedies and Life Style Tips to Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is categorized in to type 1 diabetes mellitus and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Type 1 or insulin dependent diabetes mellitus occurs in children. This type of diabetes develops when there is absolute damage to the beta islets cells of the pancreas. People suffering from type 1 diabetes will need life long insulin to control the blood sugar level. Type 2 or non insulin diabetes mellitus occurs in adults after 40 years. These individuals demonstrate reduced sensitivity to insulin by the cells of the body. Following a healthy diet, exercising regularly and incorporating certain foods in the daily diet can help manage both type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes mellitus. These food prescriptions will help keep the serum glucose level in check and will stave off complications associated with the disorder.

Diabetes can affect several
organs of the body
Diabetes Natural Treatment: Life Style Tips for Management of Diabetes
Dietary modification is fundamental to the successful treatment of diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2.   
  • Eliminate simple, processed and concentrated carbohydrates from the diet.
  • Include only foods that have a low glycemic index: barley, rice bran, apples, apricots, cherries, orange, prunes, oats, whole wheat, lima beans, peas, soy, haricot beans, low fat skimmed milk, carrots, asparagus, kale, aubergine, bell peppers, broccoli, celery, lettuce, spinach and tomatoes.
  • Steer clear of saturated fats and trans fats (cookies, biscuits, cakes, butter, cheese, margarine and crisps).
  • Eat small, frequent meals through the whole day; never have a large, heavy meal.
  • Avoid red meat, organ meat and egg yolk. You may have boiled / roasted chicken, egg white and fish. However, reduce consumption of food of animal origin; increase your intake of plant based foods.

 Natural Cures For Diabetes: Home Remedies for Diabetic Management  

Bitter Gourd to treat

  • Cinnamon: cinnamon has been proved to be extremely helpful in managing diabetes. In fact, cinnamon has the potential to act like insulin in type 2 diabetes mellitus. It can lower serum glucose levels and also diminish the level of cholesterol, thus warding off the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, which are relatively common in diabetics. Dose: take about 1 gram per day, i.e. ¼ teaspoon.
  • String beans: research says, string beans have a component that mimics the action of insulin in the body. It helps reduce the level of sugar in the blood effectively. Dose: take about 5 string beans, chop them and boil in a glass of water for 15 minutes. Consume this daily.
  • Bitter gourd: bitter gourd is another very effective home remedy for diabetes. It has been used as an anti diabetic since ages. It is a natural hypoglycemic or sugar lowering agent. Dose: 2 ounces of freshly expressed juice of bitter melon has shown excellent results in patients with diabetes. Avoid taking more than 2 ounces, it can cause diarrhea in some individuals.

Diet for Management of Diabetes: Natural Cures to Diabetes

If you incorporate these foods in to your daily diet, you can easily achieve normal sugar levels within a period of one month. In fact, it is possible to discontinue conventional hypoglycemic drugs, if you combine this diet with homoeopathy medicines.