Natural Remedies for Diabetes: Treating Diabetes Naturally with Home Remedies

A large section of the population today, suffers from diabetes. A metabolic disorder, diabetes can be quite debilitating and is also fraught with innumerable grave complications. Herbs and supplements complement conventional medicine and most importantly prevent the occurrence of any complications, associated with diabetes

What are the Signs of Diabetes?: Diabetes Symptoms

Type II Diabetes
is age related
A person, who is diagnosed with diabetes, does not produce adequate amounts of the hormone insulin, or the body fails to use it effectively. Consequently the blood sugar level rises producing a host of symptoms.

 Characteristic features of diabetes mellitus are: 
Diabetes Natural Cures: Tips for Management of Diabetes

Supplements and herbs can be used along side conventional drugs and homeopathy medicines. The dosage of these remedies needs to be altered from time to time and thus your doctor’s supervision is necessary.

Importantly, it is crucial that you watch your diet. Eliminate unhealthy fats, trans fats, refined foods, processed and denatured foods, carbonated drinks, organ meat and alcohol from the diet. Eat frequent, small meals through the day. Never stay hungry for long intervals of time and never consume a heavy meal.

Exercise regularly. It helps maintain ideal body weight and battles stress (an important trigger for diabetes) effectively.

Diabetes Natural Healing With Supplements: Home Remedies for Diabetes

Vitamin Supplements can
be useful in management of

  • Vitamin B complex: vitamin B is the most important vitamin group for a diabetic. The B vitamins help synthesize enzymes which convert sugar to energy, and prevent diabetic nerve damage. Vitamin B supplement checks tingling numbness of the hands and feet, fight fatigue and reduce stress. Choose a supplement that has all the vitamins of B complex.
  • Vitamin C: research says, diabetics are severely deficient in anti oxidants. Vitamin C is a potent anti oxidant that protects your body from free radical damage. A vitamin supplement ought to be taken daily; it helps battle stress and staves off the development of complications.
  • Vitamin E: vitamin E is another powerful anti oxidant that tends to get depleted in a diabetic. Vitamin E prevents damage to the nerves, eyes and the heart. Vitamin E blocks the build up of plaque and thus checks cardiovascular disorders which are frequently seen in diabetics.
  • Chromium: chromium plays an important role in glucose regulation. This mineral improves glucose tolerance, helps lower blood sugar levels significantly and decreases the level of cholesterol in the blood as well. Chromium levels in the body are a major determining factor for insulin sensitivity. Thus, if the chromium levels in the body are low, blood sugar levels remain high due to lack of sensitivity to insulin.
  • Essential fatty acids: supplementing your food with essential fatty acids is a must. It keeps your arteries supple, maintains healthy levels of cholesterol and protects against nerve damage. Fish oils, primrose oil and flax seed oil are excellent essential fatty acid supplements.