Meditation to Calm and Connect With the Divine: Mediation Technique for Happier Life

Most religious traditions practice a centering prayer. A centering prayer is based on mediating on a single word that you consider sacred. The intension of this mediation is to invite Gog or the Sacred or the Almighty in to your heart and life; and to provide balance and guidance.

When Should You Practice Mediation?
Practice this mediation when you feel disconnected from your spiritual life. It will help you stay centered and grounded and will calm your mind. It helps you cope with a hectic, busy and fast paced life.

Meditation helps in mental peace
and tranqulity
How to Practice the Centering Prayer Mediation? : How To Meditate?

  •  Sit comfortably on the chair or on the floor. Start by reading a spiritual text that inspires you. Pick a word from the text that appeals to you and resonates within you, such as Christ, Buddha, Aum, God, Peace and Love. 
  • Close your eyes and introduce the word inwardly. 
  • Focus on the word; if you get distracted, bring yourself back to the sacred word.
  • Meditate for 10 minutes, gradually increasing the duration to 20 minutes.
  • Say the prayer and then remain silent, keeping your eyes closed.
  • Notice how the prayer and the meditation affect your daily life.

 The Benefits of This Mediation Technique
The centering prayer mediation introduces you to spirituality; it proffers profound benefits:
  • This technique helps you to connect with the sacred.
  • It centers you in your spiritual practice.
  • This meditation will assist you in balancing your emotions and encourages hope and resilience and fight stress.
  • It will counteract societal focus on materialism.
  • It will enable you to understand the meaning of your life, your place in the universe and your interconnectedness with the other beings.

Spirituality and spirit deal with the life force and intelligent energy that pervades the universe. You can call the force God, Buddha, Christ or the Supreme Power; meditation helps one access that enlightened mind, so that perhaps one day, you may become enlightened yourself.

Practice Mediation for a Happier Life

The practice of mediation yields wonderful and far-reaching benefits. there are several meditation techniques: you can practice mediation by focusing your mind on an object, or thinking about a particular topic, or visualizing certain images, or experiencing whatever emotions come up.
The benefits of mediation are numerous: the practice promises good health, prevention of illnesses, quick recovery from diseases and longevity. It helps you sharpen your mind and become a lot more alert and aware. It encourages self development and self realization.
Mediation enlivens your senses, helps you to live mindfully and teaches you to appreciate what you have. Balancing a host of emotions (anger, hatred, happiness, exultation, greed,irritability, jealousy, dissatisfaction, etc.) is very important; and that is what mediation can teach you.
Mediation brings one’s emotions to equilibrium, transforms negative emotions in to positive ones and promotes inner peace.