So finally I got to the second post of my London adventure. I'm busy with my internship at the moment, but more about it later. 
This is the outfit of our first day in London. I like to wear comfortable clothes while traveling, but still look 'interesting'. Black is still my 'to go' color, especially in the winter. But I desperately wanted to wear my new leather Karen Millen jacket (I'm very much in love with it), so I arranged some nice temperatures with the weather gods. The sun was shining that Friday, it was a real spring day. I still ended up with too much layers, I guess I forgot how hot the tube is.
We practically occupied the both sides of the street while taking our outfit pictures. We were just meters away of the busy Oxford street. This whole group picture snapping looked quite funny.

My hair was so messed up that weekend from all the tube riding and the wind. 

Not to be the black crow again, I added this pink Lanvin for H&M necklace to my outfit. I just bought it from Elien. I'm still heartbroken for missing the Lanvin collection in stores. I still don't get why I didn't end up going, especially because a lot items were still on sale racks. This necklace was among the items on my wishlist and I'm happy to have it, especially now when the hype is already over. What can I say, I'm just a sucker for statement jewelry! I love how this necklace gives a girly detail to my black outfit!

Wearing: Karen Millen leather jacket, 3 Suisses cashmere sweater, vintage blouse, Lanvin for H&M necklace, Zara skirt, Sacha boots and Ken bag, silver rings.

A big 'Thank U' to Paulien for snapping the pictures with her camera! She has a magic lens!