The Spring only started and it's already a busy time around here. I can't keep up with all my posts + college and internship. I'm also kind of sick at the moment, but despite how uncomfortable it is, I don't let it hold me back.
After this short reality check, let me take you on a trip under water. No, I haven't totally lost my mind here...
It's just that the girls from Oona invited us to a mini fashion show to celebrate the new River Island collection. The collection was based on Miami. This means hot days, bright colors and light garments. The theme of the evening was the underwater world. I love myself some theme events and parties, so I was a happy girl.

I must say I enjoyed the evening and the collection, but unfortunately the collection would definitely be more appropriate for Miami or some other city with warm temperatures. Belgium is known for it's lousy summers and even when the tempratures are high, it still not the same vibe that you get while on vacation.
I probably won't be going to warmer destinations this year, so all I can do is dream away.

It's all in cute details!

Those sunglasses rock big time!

So in love with that gorgeous hat!

Some snap shots 

Nathalie rocking her Marni necklace

Most items that I liked, I found off the runway

 I hope I'll find this dress in store, need it!

This jacket is also pretty neat, don't you think?