Is it really summer?! + Bels love!

Belgian weather is unpredictable. When you see this pictures you probably won't even think they were taken during summer. Early fall is what comes to mind first. Fallen leaves kind of do the dirty cheating trick here.
When we were shooting the sun suddenly came out and it was too hot in a parka.
These pictures were taken last week. I spent a fun day with Annebeth and her lovely sister Naomi.
I'm glad that I had the chance to meet these wonderful girls through blogging. Annebeth lives not so far away from me and we'd probably would never have met otherwise. THE HORROR! These two sisters are wonderful creatures with a rare sense of humor. I rarely met girls who are so intelligent, honest and strong! BELS GIRLS, I LOVE YOU!
Check out their blogs!! The Styling Dutchman & Canon Girl Does Fashion

So before you think I'm totally weird I proceed with my post. That day we spent the day at Annebeth's, took some pictures, chilled at the cemetery, danced ballet (or tried to), ate cake, made a delicious Caesar salad, drank Moscato and tried to save a chicken from suicide. Yeah, we're weird. The crazy chicken tried to jump under the train several times, while we were waiting at the station. We were definitely more scared than it was. It only, quite compulsively, followed this yellow line on the ground. Stoopid!

Anyhow, I had a great time and this is what we were doing, eating and drinking that day. Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of us three together, bummer!

Crazy, sexy, cool! It's all 'bout us!

I never miss a chance to grind a girl from behind!

Trying out some ballet.

Still crazy, sexy, cool!

Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake....

Violent cooking & Naomi doing a lama face!

Heavy metal cooking!