Aromatherapy for Clearing the Mind and Fighting Stress

Meditating with essential oils helps clear your mind, calm down and let go of racing thoughts. Meditation and Yoga is a wonderful method of creating peace and tranquility, and vaporizing aroma oils can greatly enhance the experience.

How Stress Affects Health?

Meditation helps fight stress

When life becomes stressful, it is all too easy to feel weighed down by the various events happening around you. Confusion, indecision, dissatisfaction and irritation arise, and the mind seems full to bursting. Stress wreaks havoc on the physical body as well; causing a host of lifestyle related disorders such as hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels, cardiac diseases, angina, ulcers, GI upsets, insomnia, and even cancer.

How Stress Can Be Managed? Stress Management Techniques
Meditation helps you create an inner space; it helps you get rid of racing, unconstructive, confused thoughts and helps you find peace. What’s more, meditating with essential oils proffers better and more effective results.

Aromatherapy for Stress: Aromatherapy Benefits
Aromatherapy essential oils promise to give you tremendous health benefits. Choosing essential oils that are calming and clarifying assist you to sort out your thoughts, prioritize them and banish extraneous ones.

Mediation Techniques
Here’s a meditation technique that will help you combat stress and its injurious effects, develop patience, fight irritation and strengthen your resolve.
You will need:

  • Frankincense essential oil, Geranium essential oil and Lavender essential oil. 
  • An aroma oil burner
  • A cushion
    Aromatherapy for Stress
  1.  Float your aroma oils on the water of the burner, and light the candle. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and watch your breath. Become aware of the vaporizing essential oils.
  2. Become aware of the thoughts that are entering your mind. Try not to get caught up in any of them. Simply observe them and let them go
  4. Gradually, try to still your mind. Start assessing each thought. Question whether the thought is cluttering your mind or will yield a beneficial outcome. Let go of any thought that is unconstructive / negative / futile.
  5. Breathe deeply and become aware of the stimulating and strengthening effect of the essential oils.
  7. Once you feel calm and composed, you may end the meditation.

Regular and sustained practice of this meditation technique makes you resolute, cultivates peace, strength and determination and helps you connect with your inner self.