Home Remedies for Heartburn: Treat Retrosternal Burning Naturally

All individuals at some point in their life suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion. There are a host of dietary and environmental factors that can contribute to the development of the condition. The condition is often transient and associated with mild to moderate distress, however prolonged cases can get complicated into peptic ulcers or even gastric cancers. Home remedies and dietary tips can be beneficial in the management of the condition.

Heartburn affects almost
Heartburn Causes: Understanding Restrosternal burning

Though inappropriate diet contributes to the most frequent cause of heartburn, there are a host of other factors responsible for restrosternal burning,
  • Consuming excessive amounts of carbonated drinks, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, fried foods, and refined foods and hydrogentated fats is the most common and significant cause of restro-sternal burning.
  • Faulty dietary practices like Lying down immediately after a heavy meal, having too long gaps between two meals also cause heartburn.
  • Smoking is responsible for heartburn. Alcohol consumption is also linked with Heartburns
  • Pregnant females often suffer from heartburn due to the compression of the stomach by the growing fetus
  • Certain medications including NSAIDs are responsible for heartburn. Most over the counter medications are also considered to be associated with the risk of heartburn and retrosternal burning
Repeated heartburn episodes can be indicative of gastro-esophagal reflux disease. It is extremely vital that you treat the condition immediately and prevent a progression of the disorder; an aggravation can result in gastritis, duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, and even cancer.

Home Remedy for Heartburn: Natural Remedies for Restrosternal Burning
Heart burn can be effectively managed by making lifestyle alterations and adhering to a wholesome and nutritious diet. Acid reflux tends to occur when acid from the stomach comes up in to the esophagus. This sets off heart burn. It is very essential that you alleviate the symptoms quickly, so that you can prevent complications such as, excessive acidity and gassy stomach, peptic ulceration, gastritis, etc. These home remedies help allay heart burn promptly:
Dried Figs are beneficial
to treat Heartburn

  •  Cold milk helps relieve acidity and restro-sternal burning almost immediately.
  • Yogurt is another excellent food remedy. Have a bowl of yogurt with lunch everyday.
  • Cabbage juice is another effective remedy. Have 1 ounce of the juice daily.
  • Start your day with dry fruits like Dates or Prunes or Dried figs. These leave an alkaline ash; and thereby, check acid reflux and acidity. These foods are alkaline foods and help manage most gastric complaints
  • Ginger and jaggery after every meal is recommended by most experts. Grate a small piece of ginger and blend with some jaggery. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and an antacid.
Natural Treatment for Retrosternal Burning: Tips to prevent Heartburn
Heart burn is an outcome of GI malfunctioning. Unbalanced and lopsided diets, heavy and greasy meals, and staying hungry for extended periods of time causes dyspepsia. Make sure you follow these guidelines:

  •  Do not eat your food hurriedly; always eat at a relaxed pace. 
  • Never eat heavy and big meals. Eat small, frequent meals.
  • Never lie down after meals at least for about 45 minutes. Dont have meals late at night.
  • Quit smoking and consuming alcohol.
  • Mint tea is an instant quick-fix for heart burn. Boil a handful of mint in a bowl of water. Have this decoction once daily for a fortnight; thereafter, have it at least thrice a week.
An Excellent Home Remedy for Heartburn: Vinger
Though antacids are recommended for management of heartburn, prolonged use of antacids is harmful to health.Vinegar, however, has proved to be definitely effectual in the quick management of retro-sternal burning. Consume two spoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar before a meal; this prevents gastric acid from regurgitating into the esophagus. A convenient substitute is taking apple cider vinegar capsules.